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Application of TPE Elastomer Encapsulated PVC in Wire Plug

TPE is popular in the application of wire plugs, with rubber elasticity, flexible and comfortable hand feeling, excellent tensile properties, good elasticity, good wear resistance and other excellent properties. TPE inherits the characteristics of traditional PVC that is easy to process. TPE rubber can be used to produce and process various kinds of wires (such as earphone wires, USB wires, automobile electronic wires, computer cable, etc.) conveniently by extruder, and plugs (such as earphone plugs, USB plugs, DC plugs, etc.) can be injection molded by injection molding machine. TPE is SEBS substrate, which has good aging resistance, weather resistance and low temperature resistance. It still maintains soft and comfortable hand feeling without hardening at minus -50 degrees. As some power plug wires are still made of PVC, the plug is replaced by TPE, which requires TPE to stick to PVC wires and has reached the waterproof and sealing functions. Generally, TPE coated adhesive has the difference between real coated adhesive and fake coated adhesive. Some customers require TPE and hard glue to form an adhesive layer on the contact surface, which cannot be torn down. This requires the compatibility of TPE and hard gelatin during melting and bonding. The closer the solubility parameters are, the better the compatibility of the two materials is. Like TPE coated TPE, if both TPE materials are produced by the same company, it is more favorable for bonding. The compatibility of the two materials is almost irrelevant to the false encapsulation. The encapsulation of the materials can combine the soft glue and the hard glue through mechanical force, through the design and surface treatment of the mould and products, and through the hoop embedding effect. Through formulation improvement, our company has developed a special material for TPE plug encapsulation, which can completely encapsulate PVC wire and bond tightly. The performance of TPE material on the plug is fully displayed, and the cost problem of replacing PVC wires is solved. Dongguan Dechuang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a TPE manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production and sales of TPE materials and TPE thermoplastic elastomers, providing TPE, wire TPE,TPE raw materials and TPE thermoplastic elastomers for sale.

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