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What is "gas mask, mask, TPE, rubber-coated PP raw material" to enter the understanding

Gas mask is a kind of product that was born because of the production of chemical weapons. Initially, gas mask was a kind of protective equipment for protecting personal respiratory tract against poisonous gas. Now the material of gas mask has changed from the original ordinary pvc rubber material to silicone rubber material and thermoplastic elastomer TPE. There are many styles and designs of gas mask covers on the market, and most of the structures are made of hard plastic and soft plastic. Hard plastic generally refers to thermosetting plastic, which is generally processed by hot pressing method and cannot be processed again after molding. Generally speaking, hard plastic is a kind of raw plastic with relatively hard hand feeling, but it is not very durable. Moreover, in the gas mask cover, hard plastic is used to support the mask cover so that air can be effectively circulated. The soft rubber material is formed by injection molding using plastic, and the hand feeling is relatively soft at normal temperature. It is because of the soft of the soft rubber material that people can feel comfortable when wearing a gas mask cover to contact with the human body. With the birth of TPE material, there are two kinds of materials used in the production of gas mask cover, one is silica gel, the other is environmentally friendly and nontoxic TPE/TPR soft adhesive material. Then TPE material is selected as the raw material for the gas mask cover, and the main factors are as follows: I. environmental protection, innocuity and safety TPE not only has the high elasticity, high strength and high resilience of rubber, but also has some characteristics of injection molding. TPE not only has the characteristics of environmental protection, innocuity and safety, but also has a very wide range of hardness and excellent coloring property. TPE not only has relatively soft touch, but also has excellent weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. Second, soft touch TPE materials can provide materials with appropriate hardness. They can find a balance fulcrum between the comfort of contact with the face and the strength of the materials. Nowadays, gas mask covers are made of soft rubber and TPE materials, both of which have good low temperature resistance. Three, one-piece molding TPE material can be directly adhered to the PP mask to form a whole by injection molding, and can be assembled without the aid of articles adhered by adhesives and the like, while TPE material is suitable for being used as a gas mask cover at the middle end, and TPE material can be 100% recycled by recycling.

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