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Imitation silica gel high elasticity TPE raw material

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TPE, as a new environmentally friendly material, has gradually attracted people's attention and favor. What are the main advantages of TPE? The following Dechuang Chemical Co., Ltd. will share with you: 1. It can be processed by common thermoplastic molding machines without special processing equipment. 2. The production efficiency has been greatly improved. Can be separately injection molded or coated with nylon and polyester, the whole process lasts for 30-60 seconds, the efficiency is high, labor is saved, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. 3. Easy to recycle and reduce the cost. Waste materials generated in the production process (escaping burrs, extruding waste glue) and the final waste products can be directly returned for reuse. Used TPE old products can be recycled after simple regeneration without plasticizer, thus reducing environmental pollution and expanding the source of renewable resources. 4. Energy conservation. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not require vulcanization or the vulcanization time is very short, which can effectively save energy. Take the production energy consumption of high-pressure hose as an example: 188MJ/kg rubber and 144MJ/kg TPE, which can save energy by more than 25%. 5. Wider application fields. Because TPE has the advantages of both rubber and plastic, it opens up a new application field for the rubber industry. 6. It can be used to strengthen and toughen plastics. The self-reinforcing property is large, the formula is simplified, the influence of the compounding agent on the polymer is less restricted, and the quality performance is easier to master. Dongguan Dechuang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales. It can tailor-make high-quality thermoplastic elastomer materials for customers and also provide test samples free of charge to facilitate customers to test product performance. Please call for advice!

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