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TPE with High Elasticity and Resilience Replaces Silica Gel Material

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The advent of TPE elastomer shows a brand-new soft touch world and brings a brand-new life experience to human beings. I believe that with the continuous development and innovation of related industries, elastomer TPE will bring more comfortable elements to the future life of human beings. Since its birth, soft material TPE has been attracting the attention of the industry. TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer. Due to its low hardness, it is easy to adjust by providing different compounds, and it has thermoplastic properties of plastics. Therefore, TPE is also called elastomer. The hardness of elastomer TPE ranges from ShoreA0~100 to 100, and the material has unique properties such as soft and comfortable touch, skid resistance and wear resistance, shock absorption and buffering, good elasticity and sealing. Elastomer TPE can be molded by single material injection or secondary injection, or directly extruded.   TPE is widely used in various industries: 1. Soft touch handle and shell coating. TPE is applied to daily products, tool hardware and mobile phone electronic product shells. Generally, soft TPE and hard plastic are combined for injection molding. Soft TPE provides comfortable holding hand feeling. The rubber characteristics of TPE provide unique functions of skid resistance and comfortable touch feeling. 2. Adult products .. Elastomer TPE can provide ultra-soft hard compounds and be used as raw materials for adult products. It provides ultra-soft touch that mimics human skin, making TPE the most commonly used raw material in the adult products industry instead of silica gel. 3. Shock absorbing and buffering products. Elastomer TPE can be used as cushion lining, shock absorbing jacket and anti-collision parts for children's articles (anti-collision angle, anti-collision strip, etc.). 4. Functional products. Using the elastic properties of TPE, soft rubber key shells can be produced in computer accessories and electronic products industries. 5. Apply to household door and window sealing strips and automobile door and window sealing strips. The above are the collected contents about TPE's wide application in various industries, hoping to bring help to friends in need. If you want to know more about TPE, please continue to pay attention to our website and we will update it regularly. Please continue to pay attention to us, learn more about elastomers, communicate QQ: 1529129912, and contact telephone: 13827209711 (ms Zhang)

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