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TPE Magic Supports Soft and Transparent TPE Particles for Bra Cushion

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Product details

TPE Magic Stiff Soft Rubber Pad is a layer of soft rubber used for padding inside bras. Most of the soft rubber chest pads are designed with honeycomb structure and have good air permeability. Some TPE manufacturers have even packaged the product to massage the breasts and make them more straight. The author believes that it is difficult to say whether the chest can be massaged, but to make the chest more upright, there should be some effect in this aspect. However, TPE material like soft skin is adopted to make the touch softer. However, this TPE moli soft rubber cushion has faded out of the market for moli bra accessories in the past few years. The author believes that women love breast enhancement and the market has always existed. Why does TPE Magic Bra Soft Cushion Decline in Magic Bra Accessories Market? In the following, the author tells the story. It is said that the magic-backed soft rubber pads appeared in the magic-backed bra market at the beginning of the 21st century. however, at that time, the silicone bra pads were the main players in the market. TPE bra pads are only sporadic embellishments. However, TPE material can be recycled repeatedly, with low processing cost and more advantages than silica gel. I expect this will be an opportunity for TPE. By A.D. 2011, the author, who used a certain sense of market smell to promote online, published some information about TPE, a kind of magic bra cushion material. Starting in March of that year, many strange customers (I roughly estimated at no less than 15) called me to look for TPE, a kind of magic bra cushion material. Because this kind of product information, basically only I have released, therefore, this kind of customers in the early market have contacted me. In March and April, due to the sudden rise of the market for magic bra pads, I received a new order of more than 60 tons. However, there is a common fault in the Chinese market. Once there is a market for a product, there are many imitators. TPE's support for bra pads is no exception. By May of that year, the users who cooperated with us contacted me and said that other people's materials in the market were cheaper than ours and asked us to reduce prices. There is no way. Business is not good. If the customer allows the price to be lowered, the price should be lowered appropriately. However, by June and July, there was no list of customers who had previously cooperated with us. The customer was contacted by telephone and said that other products were 2,000 to 3,000 cheaper than our one ton. But at such a cheap price, we really can't do it. Or the price can be done, but the material performance is much worse. The magic has been supporting the bra pad fire for about a year or two. Gradually, there is not much market for it. Analysis of the reasons may partly be the substitution of new products in the market, but I think the most fundamental reason is that the fierce competition and low price competition have led to the decline of product quality and the gradual loss of the consumer market. I remember when the market first started to do it, the quality of the products of moli tien soft rubber cushion was as follows: the products had good transparency, excellent stretch elasticity, no yellowing, no darkening, no oil and no unpleasant smell. After the market competition became more intense, the bra cushion products-with general transparency and general stretch elasticity-would turn yellow and darken, and even produce oil on the surface, with an unpleasant smell similar to diesel oil. It is conceivable that how can consumers be expected to buy such inferior products again? Under the situation of continuous competition at low prices, TPE, which was originally popular, has supported the soft rubber cushion market, gradually cooling down and declining. Even fade out in the magic support market. Now silica gel still occupies the mainstream market. It is not that there is no market, but that the product operators have destroyed the market themselves.

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