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What are the advantages of TPE for earphone plug

Basic description of TPE plug material: TPE material is popular in the application of wire plugs because it has the characteristics that PVC material does not have: 1.TPE has rubber elasticity, flexible and comfortable hand feeling, excellent tensile property, good elasticity, good wear resistance and other excellent properties. 2. Easy to process. TPE inherits the characteristics of traditional PVC that is easy to process. TPE rubber can be used to produce and process various kinds of wires (such as earphone wires, USB wires, automobile electronic wires, computer cable, etc.) conveniently by extruder, and plugs (such as earphone plugs, USB plugs, DC plugs, etc.) can be injection molded by injection molding machine. 3. Excellent chemistry. TPE is SEBS substrate, which has good aging resistance, weather resistance and low temperature resistance. It still maintains soft and comfortable hand feeling without hardening at minus -50 degrees. 4. Environmental protection and non-toxicity. TPE material is a low-smoke environment-friendly material. When burning, the smoke is light and less, and there is no odor of PVC chlorine. TPE does not contain halogen, o-phenylene 16P, nonylphenol NP and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Pahs. ROHS,REACH,EN71 compliant environmental testing.

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