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How to Improve and Solve Deformation of TPE Molding Products

In the process of forming TPE products, sometimes the products will deform. According to the author's own experience, there are three common cases of product deformation. (a) TPE coated rubber products, hard plastic deformation Reason: This is mainly due to the thin size of the hard rubber part itself. When the soft rubber TPE is coated, and within 24 hours after the coating is completed, the soft rubber shrinks, pulling the hard rubber part out of shape. Improvement measures: the hard rubber parts are used as reinforcing ribs, the position of the soft rubber injection port is optimized, and the soft rubber TPE brand with lower molding temperature is selected; (2) Tensile deformation of TPE products Cause: After TPE molding, the product has not yet cooled down and set, and forced pulling causes deformation; Improvement measures: mold opening and taking out after the product is cooled; If the product sticks to the mold, resulting in bad mold ejection, mold release agent can be applied, or the ejection angle of the mold can be optimized, or the mold ejection performance can be improved from the perspective of materials. (3) warping deformation of TPE products Reason: For TPE products with higher hardness, shrinkage and warping deformation may occur. This is limited by the material itself and the process. Improvement measures: from the perspective of materials, reduce the crystallization and shrinkage of materials; Optimization of process, extension of pressure keeping, etc.

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