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TPE material has poor toughness and is easy to fracture. How to improve and solve it?

TPE material has poor toughness and there are many factors. Based on my own experience, the author makes the following summary: 1. Material mixing system problem TPE is a compounding compound. The molecular weight of the rubber substrate and the filling amount of stone powder will affect its toughness. In short, the polymer rubber substrate and TPE material have good toughness, while the material with less filling amount of stone powder has good toughness. 2. Influence of molding temperature Plasticization degree is an important factor affecting toughness of TPE materials. The toughness of TPE material will be greatly reduced due to insufficient molding temperature and insufficient plasticization. Regarding the forming temperature of TPE materials, different compounds, brand manufacturers and suggested parameters, please consult with the material supplier. 3. Whether the materials undergo aging photooxidation If the material is exposed to ozone, ultraviolet and other media, its physical properties will drop sharply. When selecting materials, it is recommended to confirm the material requirements with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and then select the appropriate TPE brand (aging resistance and ultraviolet resistance). 4. Proportion of nozzle material added TPE is a thermoplastic material, and its nozzle leftover can be recycled repeatedly. However, the physical properties of the nozzle material will decrease more obviously with the more times the material is used. It is generally recommended that the proportion of nozzle material should not exceed 25% during molding. The toughness of TPE material will be greatly reduced if the nozzle material is added too much. 5. Structural Defects of 5.TPE Products Whether the product has weld lines and stress concentration, such as the corner without R angle, the nozzle is just at the stressed position, etc. The existence of these factors will lead to the decrease of material toughness and easy fracture.

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